CRPS Kids Foundation is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to educate, connect, and comfort families dealing with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  Our goal is to raise awareness while simultaneously raising money which will be used to continue growing top treatment centers around the country.

Early detection of CRPS is critical to recovery but diagnosis typically takes 2-3 months even with the best team of doctors.  This is extremely stressful and difficult for all involved.  Not knowing what is wrong with you and how to get better leaves those involved feeling helpless,  frustrated and scared. This is exactly why I set up the CRPS Kids Foundation.  It is my hope that CRPS Kids will help to educate others so that the diagnosis time of CRPS gets much shorter.  Once you are diagnosed, you can begin your road to recovery!

There isn’t a lot known about what causes CRPS but there are several Pain Centers located in the United States that are focused on learning more about this Syndrome and how best to treat it.  CRPS Kids hopes to raise money to donate to these centers so that a cure can be found.