Dealing With Tough Weeks

Dealing with CRPS, and life can be tough, here are some of my top tips to stay strong and get through hard times.

  1.  Keep a positive attitude
    1. This is a hard thing to do in stressful times, but is an essential aspect to getting through them. It is important to remember to keep things in perspective, and understand that no matter how hard something is, you will get through it! Keeping a good attitude helps to lower your body’s cortisol (stress hormone) levels down to allow you to keep your cool, in even the toughest of situations.
  2. Have Confidence in both the situation and yourself
    1. Having confidence in yourself helps to keep the positive attitude I talked about. Always remind yourself, “I can do this, and I will!”
  3. Support from friends and family
    1. It can be hard to ask for help and support from the people that you are close to sometimes, but helps more than anything. Just remember, that the people closest to you want to help, and are more than likely willing to!


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