Staying active

Just a quick reminder, don’t forget to STAY ACTIVE! Staying active is not only beneficial to CRPS patients, but to everyone! Find an activity that you enjoy doing, and do it for 1 hour (at least 3 days a week). When dealing with CRPS, it can be hard to stay active, but here are some ways I stayed active (and continue to do). Also, if you want any additional ideas and techniques to remain active, please reach out! We are here to help YOU!

  • Dance classes
    • Do what you can! I found them fun and upbeat!
  • Taking a walk
    • Even try to walk with friends to make it a “social event!”
  • Physical therapy exercises
    • When I was struggling with my CRPS, I would do my physical therapy exercises whenever I could. This was the closest I could get to stay active!

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