Coping with CRPS as a teen

So you or someone you know has been diagnosed with CRPS…now what? Here’s my advice on how to cope with CRPS as a teen.

CRPS is complicated and people are NOT going to understand. Since this Syndrome is rare, most of your friends and teachers aren’t going to be able to comprehend what is wrong with you or how they can help. Your friends may even suggest that you are making things up.

Your family is likely to “over react” and smother you. They are doing this because they love you, are concerned and are just trying to help.

Communicate your symptoms and what you are feeling with your parents and doctors.

Stay on as normal a schedule as possible, including going to school but it’s okay to ask for academic modifications depending on the severity of your symptoms at the time and your school’s ability to make these types of changes.

Doing your physical therapy exercises is really important. As you start to get better, figure out ways to stay active and keep moving.