CRPS Symptoms


CRPS symptoms vary and are the result of a dysfunction of the nervous system. Most often, CRPS symptoms affect a limb(s) but symptoms can be felt in the entire body. It is important to understand that the symptoms can “jump” from limb to limb and back again and can affect multiple limbs simultaneously. Symptoms can be so severe that they make the limb(s) temporarily unusable.

CRPS Symptoms typically include but are not limited to the following:

Severe pain in the affected limb(s) which is usually much worse than what would be expected with the initial injury.

Temperature changes to the affected limb(s) which could feel either hot or cold to the touch due to vasoconstriction or vasodilation. Swelling is often seen with this.

Muscle tightening within the affected limb(s)

Changes to skin appearance of the affected limb(s) including color and “rash”

Numbness and/or tingling sensation in the affected limb(s)

Extreme skin sensitivity to touch causing tremendous pain when anything comes in contact with the skin