Student Ambassadors

What is it?

The CRPS Kids Foundation Student Ambassador Program is meant for students who want to help by spreading our mission statement to their school and community, no matter how small!

What type of student are we looking for?

We are looking for students who have faced their own adversity and realize the benefit of helping others. We are looking for people who want to be leaders in their community – people who want to make a difference in people’s lives.

How can I apply?

Applicants can fill out fill out the survey below or send an email to explaining why you are the right type of student for this program.

Survey link-

What does a student ambassador do?

Being a student ambassador has 4 main expectations:
1. To educate people in your life about what CRPS kids does (mission statement) including giving presentations that we would provide to you once accepted as a Student Ambassador
2. To raise money within your school and/or community
3. To be 100% committed
4. Be available to report back for feedback when asked

What can my school do?

As a school you can get involved in many ways:

If you are a student:
– Apply to the Student Ambassador Program
– Simply share CRPS Kids Foundation to your friends and family
– Talk to your teachers/school officials to see if they would be interested in doing something as a school
– Contact for feedback,ideas, or anything else you would like to talk about

If you are a school:
– Email for presentations, inquiries, and information on how we can create a tailored program for your school
– Raise money to donate to the CRPS Kids Foundation
– Simply spread the word